Our Team

James Khezrie

CEO & Founder

James Khezrie, widely recognized as the pioneering CEO and founder of the successful multimillion-dollar enterprise, Jimmy Jazz, is a distinguished figure in both the fashion and real estate industries. After establishing a foundation in the fashion world, James transitioned into global real estate investments, demonstrating an acute understanding of diverse market landscapes and investment opportunities. With a portfolio of successful ventures across various international markets, James has showcased his ability to identify lucrative real estate prospects. His dedication to fostering growth and innovation has cemented his position as a multifaceted entrepreneur with a lasting impact on both the fashion and real estate realms.

Jack Friedler

Managing Partner

Jack Friedler serves as our managing partner who is responsible for the oversight of our diverse array of retail and residential portfolios. Jack oversees all acquisitions, leasing, and management to optimize property performance. Jack's track record and commitment to delivering tailored and innovative solutions has solidified his position as a respected authority in the dynamic landscape of real estate acquisitions, leasing and management.

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Joey Khezrie

Director of Investments

Portfolio oversite, due diligence and evaluation of investment opportunities.

Haim Maimon


Retail and Office acquisitions, Domestic and International, Assists CEO in all transactions.

David Friedler

VP Leasing and Acquisitions

Shopping center portfolio leasing and oversite. Retail and Multi Family Acquisitions.

Abie Semah


Retail and office acquisitions

Morgan Gerber

Senior Manager

Responsible for financial and operational oversite for all property managers.

Zach Albright

VP Leasing

Mall portfolio leasing and oversite.