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Guiding Philosophy

CityView Commercial – Retail & Industrial

CityView identifies well-positioned struggling assets which have been allowed to degenerate into distress by existing ownership due to debt. After acquisition, with the lack of overburdensome debt, CityView can properly increase their value through calculated property improvements, cost reductions, and dynamic tenant mixes.

City View primarily focuses on purchases that have a high sales, rents in the current market range, and lucrative, urban locations. This strategy has proven successful and profitable over more than a decade, leading to maximized NOIs and increasing occupancy and rents.

A founding member of CityView Multi family Samuel and David Friedler has more than 25 years of experience investing in and managing commercial real estate, in both retail and residential properties.

In 1995, with 15 years of property management under his belt, Samuel Friedler purchased his first multifamily property in Jersey City, New Jersey. Shortly thereafter, CityView purchased another building, followed by another and yet another — a virtual snowball effect of residential acquisitions. To date CityView owns over 800  residential investment units; at present time, CityView owns over 800+ units, in the Jersey City and Philadelphia areas.

CityView’s investments proved opportune, as the Jersey City + Philadelphia markets burgeoned; the average value per unit jumped from $25,000 at the time of purchase to $160,000 today.



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